Gus Winkelman was born and raised in Los Gatos, Ca. Gus showed a passion for the arts and artistic ability from a young age through drawings, paintings, and self expression. As he grew up, his fascination with both art and technology lead him to discover Adobe Creative Suite and develop his own unique style creating abstract and cutting edge works of art. When Gus was 17, his family traveled all over Italy for two weeks where Gus used his 35mm camera to capture the art and culture that surrounded him. It was there he discovered that he not only loved creating art with photoshop, but also had a strong talent and passion for turning the world around him into art using a camera. After turning his photos into post cards and selling them locally, he knew he wanted to seriously pursue his hobby and turn it into a career.

Gus learned of Ex’pression College for Digital Arts and was accepted to pursue a degree in Motion Graphic Design. Ex’pression uses a hands on style of teaching and with small class sizes and professors who are still active in the industry, the school enables their students to work with real clients to produce professional projects. While there, Gus worked to produce several music videos, company rebrandings, and public service announcements for television broadcasting. He also purchased his first DSLR camera and began to blend his love for design and film by creating scenic time-lapse videos of the Bay Area. After three rigorous years of accelerated classes and year round school Gus graduated from Ex’pression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, Ca with a BAS in Motion Graphic Design. Upon graduating Gus went on to pursue a career in freelance motion graphic design and video production. After producing a variety of videos ranging from extreme sports, to fashion, to scenic time-lapse, Gus was asked by the creators of Dream Music to help produce Dream Music: Part 2. This gave him the opportunity to blend another lifelong love into his work; music. Music had always been a passion that had often helped to inspire and mold Gus' own art and creative process. Dream Music: Part 2 went on to be an enormous internet success, receiving 2 million views on YouTube and world wide praise and accolade.

Gus is a driven professional, but an artist at heart, who hopes to continue creating cutting edge, awe inspiring videos, time-lapse pieces, and stop motion projects with his unique skill set and vision. He hopes to keep growing his unique approach to story telling through visual media.